Keep calm, only one month to go

AHHH! Crazy stuff. I’m about a month away from my big adventure to the land of milk and honey. I am overcome with so many emotions; I’m feeling sad, I’m feeling excited, I’m feeling encouraged and most importantly I am very content with this decision I made.

I am so blessed to have the support of my friends and family throughout this whole process. Most importantly, I have the unconditional love and support from my parents and sisters. I always hope to make them proud with my accomplishments and I know I have let them down with many of my poor decisions. Through it all, however, they’ve supported me and encouraged me to do better. I think the hardest part about the ‘see ya later’ process is not knowing when I’ll get to see my favorite people again. We can’t everΒ know what’s next in our lives, but it’s important to always enjoy every step of the way.

As I prepare myself, mentally, for this adventure I am putting myself in the “expect the unexpected” mind frame. For so many years, I’ve had a set plan and none of it has ever gone to plan. So from now on, I plan to plan accordingly and not get so hung up on the little details. Positivity is what I practice and hope to perfect. I also aspire to be happy. Unfortunately, we can find ourselves to be very unhappy in life. Through this journey, I hope to find happiness in my everyday life.

During the time period before I leave, I will be packing the essentials and preparing for my trip. Do you have any advice for me? Can you suggest something for me to pack for my travels? Comment below, I’d love any words of wisdom πŸ™‚

May we find love in the details and inspiration in the big picture,

YariΒ β™”

5 thoughts on “Keep calm, only one month to go

  1. Yari
    You do not know how happy I was to read your blog but please tell me how to look at future blogs Love and hugs from your 88 year old friend


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