Two weeks old

This blog post is definitely long overdue. It’s been about two weeks since my arrival to the holy land and oh my what a grand ol’ two weeks it’s been. I’ve experienced the Tel Aviv nightlife, I’ve played in the sandy beaches of Tel Aviv, I’ve tasted some of the most delicious foods and I’ve walked miles to sightsee and enjoy the Israel air. I’ve applied for several internships and I’ll be interviewing for them soon. I’m really searching to find something I’m extremely passionate about. I’m really hoping to find a company that will give me just that.

Before closing this post, I wanted to make a quick little rant. During my time here, I’ve made some observations that I would like to share with you.

In many news reports, outside of Israel, there’s the argument that Israel is an apartheid state. I like to disagree. In this country, ALL people are treated equally. Street signs are in three different languages (Hebrew, English and Arabic), the most accomplished professionals are Arab and some of the most delicious foods are cooked by the Arabs. I would like to make the simple argument that if Israel was an apartheid state, Arabs wouldn’t even have the opportunities that they have now. Opportunities such as working in accomplished businesses or getting an education. What are your thoughts? Can you agree with this point I’m trying to make? Comment below!



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