Keep calm, it’s only been a month

It’s been exactly a month since I’ve landed in this beautiful country. Many things can happen in a month and they did. I was able to reconnect with old friends, see sights I’ve never seen and spend quality time with my family.

This month we had a bit of a bump in the road when my grandfather was in the hospital, but we overcame the difficulty with much laughter. Sometimes when you plan something, it may not go as planned. You just have to take the detour with a positive attitude and know you’ll make it to a destination at some point and that’s what was meant to happen. The Universe works in a funny way. We can’t question it, but to accept it and go with what’s presented to us. It’s part of the growing experience, right?

In my previous blog, I wrote about how I would be interviewing for internships in Israel. It was a tough decision to make since I liked two of the companies and what they had to offer. After a lot of thought and consideration, I am happy to announce that I’ve made a decision to intern for EMPR Management. It’s a company that focuses on music PR, especially in the electronic dance music genre (which is one of my favorite genres). The team behind EMPR is a very energetic and exciting group of people whose goal is to bring happiness to people with great music. Israel is home to many aggravated and provoked people because of the constant state of war the country is at. Music brings joy to souls and I wanted to be a part of this musical revolution. I am so beyond excited for everything I will learn in relations to the music industry. It’s going to be a great time, I can feel it in my bones.

During this month, I spent a lot of time with family and friends. We explored Tel Aviv and Jerusalem every opportunity we had. I went to the Kotel (Western Wall) for the first time this month and it was as if I was going there for the first time. Each time, without fail, I feel emotions overflowing and every hair on my arm couldn’t resist but to rise. I also, for the first time, saw the hanging umbrellas display on the main street in Jerusalem. In Tel Aviv, we walked around the Dizengoff center, took a picture with the famous Fire and Water fountain (see photos), played matcot (an Israeli obsession) while the sun set and partied in the heart of Tel Aviv. In the next month, I would love to travel around Israel more and meet new friends.

Before closing this blog, I wanted to talk politics real quick. Yesterday, Iran reached a nuclear deal that would make history. But not a positive one. America is leading Iran closer and closer to nuclear capability. Does it make you nauseated when I tell you how Iran calls Israel a “one bomb country” or denies that the holocaust ever happened? Iran is a country that wants to completely wipe Israel off the map and cleanse the world of all Jewish people, does this sound familiar to you? Israel is a very important country and is America’s number one ally in the Middle East. Giving these nuclear powers to Iran is horrifying. Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of international terrorism. I hope I am wrong, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Iran also planned a surprise attack on America. Iran is a country that refers to America as the “the great satan” and burns American flags. Iran is a dangerous country led by sneaky smart people in command. If you believe in prayer, please pray for America AND Israel. Pray for the people of Israel, the leaders of America, the state of Israel and the soldiers defending Israel and America. This is only the beginning. 

שָׁלוֹם Peace السلام عليكم,


2 thoughts on “Keep calm, it’s only been a month

  1. Hi yar!!! I miss you so so so much!! I am so happy that you are meeting new friends and you’re having a blast there!!! I can’t wait to see you again!!

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