Sunny South Florida

It’s been almost a month since my arrival back to sunny south Florida. I moved back in with my parents (which has its advantages and disadvantages), I’ve been making an effort to expand my network and maintain a healthy lifestyle (eating clean and exercising daily) . Aside from my personal life, I’ve been applying and interviewing for jobs that interest me.

Aside from my personal life, I’ve been applying and interviewing for jobs that interest me. I’m seeking part-time positions in sales, marketing and public relations–I’ve been applying for positions in and out of the state of Florida. Applying out of state will give me an opportunity to explore the hidden jewels of the USA! It’s a long process, but I have faith I’ll find my dream job. It’s out there, I know it. Until I find that dream job of mine, I’m a freelance copywriter for the Hollywood Eye Institute. I love writing about ophthalmology and I love working for Dr. Shareen Greenbaum! I’m still building my portfolio, so if you know of anyone looking for a copywriter, refer them back to me! Thanks in advance 🙂

What about Israel? There’s not a day that goes by without Izzy crossing my mind. Sometimes I even catch myself holding tears back when talking about Israel. I miss it SO much and I’m trying figuring out when I’ll make my way back. I love Israel, but moving there is not in the cards for me, just yet. I will continue volunteering in the Jewish/pro-Israel community; this will give me the opportunity to speak about my experiences and meet individuals who share a love for Israel.

My priorities have changed so much since I went to Israel and back. I’m not too worried about the future, I want to live in the now and slowly figure it out. Life is bumpy, especially in the early 20’s stage; but, someone once taught me, “rejoice in the awesome and deal with the not-so-awesome.” Plans don’t work out most of the time. So what’s my plan now? Live adventurously (like I did in Israel), find a career path I’m passionate about, continue traveling and most importantly, BE HAPPY. This is what I want; I don’t know the details, but they’ll be revealed in good time, I’m sure.

I’m happy to be reunited with my sisters and my parents. I have a great support system which makes it easy to chase after my dreams, achieve my goals and travel.

Stay tuned for more about my adventures of growing up,


Are you in south Florida? Reach out to me, let’s grab coffee (or ice cream if you that’s what you prefer).


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