It was a Thursday morning at 6:45 am, as I was getting in my car, when I overheard a woman crying on the phone about how she’s so unhappy with everything in her life.

I got in my car and drove to work in absolute silence. I pondered what she had gone through to feel that way. What was it that was making her unhappy to the point where she was awake so early in the morning and start her day like that?

Then I thought, I was in her shoes not too long ago. I came back to America from Israel and cried myself to sleep almost every night. I fought and argued with my family, my parents especially, for advising me to come back to the States. I felt unhappiness like never before. It’s (still) taking me a while to feel content with where I stand in my life. But, what is happiness? How do you define happiness? Everybody wants it, but not everybody can achieve it. But why?

My dad kept telling me to “think realistically” and, unfortunately, at 22 thinking realistically is not something I am a pro at. Slowly but surely, I came to a few realizations.

  • Your perception of life is the true determinant of your happiness
  • Make decisions that benefit YOU not the people around you (like your family)
  • Do things that give you an exciting adrenaline rush, be around people who motivate you, make friends with people who you can have deep conversations with
  • Engage in conversation with people you would least expect yourself talking to; get a different angle of life by hearing someone else’s perception
  • Learn from past experiences; if you don’t, chances are the same thing will happen again at some point in your life
  • Find hobbies/activities that bring you excitment

My definition of happiness is different from everyone else’s. There are things I want in life that have more meaning to me than others. I’m still learning a lot about myself and how to manuever my way in life.

Since I got back, I started a “real-person” job where I’m, surprisingly, excelling at. I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but every day I like it more and more. Like every job, it has its slow days but most days, I get excited to go to work. I have a support system like none other and every day holds a life lesson. As much as I hated my parents for making me start adulting, I’m starting to like it.  Of course, adulting is NOT easy. But I’m learning how to be a succesful adult, one step at a time.

Sometimes, ya gotta struggle a little bit in order to feel success in what you’re aiming to accomplish.

Here’s to finding what gives us pure joy in life. 🍷



One thought on “Happiness

  1. blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } I’m not putting my comments in the comments section, you fought and argued with your parents unilaterally! We asked you to come back to experience the differences to make the right decision and also provided you with a return option. No one MADE you to stay!It is my belief that you will succeed no matter what you, proven by your experience at ADP, your predicament is that you are a Zionist at heart and you think you want to prove it by living in beautiful Israel where you have good experiences with friendship and feelings of being alive and having a purposeful life, all true, but “realistically ” you can help and feed your Zionist feelings so much more from here. Ultimately you are an adult that you always wanted to be, it is natural to be confused and dreaming about good feeling experiences, you make your own decisions, we are here to give you support and once in awhile shed a reality light on your road of life. In time you will realize that your parents love you very much and do what they can to make you happy, it is my hope that you’ll realize this sooner than later, at times I watch you get upset and impatient, some of it is genetic but most of it can be controlled, once you realize that your mom and I are not the enemies and we don’t put you down or criticize you, life will get a lot easier. You have made many hurtful comments to both of us, seriously, hurtful and unnecessary.Have a conversation with us , maybe discount the “you don’t understand” portion, all of us will benefit from the feelings of love and support. Have a gooder day, no matter how you feel at some moments, I am proud of you continually and without reservation. Your loving Bob

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